Don’t Skip Your Mid-Year Business Review

Can you believe the year is almost half over? Are you halfway to the business goal you set in January?

You did set at least an annual income goal, right? If you’re just randomly doing things in your business every day, hoping something works, stick with me. Goal setting [AND achieving] is my jam. When you see how simple I make it, I think you’ll love it too.

“Reflection is a fundamental skill set of successful entrepreneurs.”

-Kimberly Job

Reflection is a powerful tool in every area of your life, but especially in your business.

It’s important to evaluate what actually happened in your business during the first six months of the year.

I like to follow a 4 step process:

  1. Evaluate
  2. Review
  3. Decide
  4. Plan

Let’s look at each one.


What actually happened in your business during the first half of the year? Did you make business goals? If so, did you reach them?

Did you identify key projects that would move your business forward? And follow through on the tasks to get them accomplished?

How did you grow as a business owner? What new skills did you learn? What new relationships did you develop? What was your mindset like?

What does an ideal day look like in your business? What small steps can you take today to move closer to that ideal?


We recommend reviewing your goals every quarter during your CEO Day. At the mid-year mark, make sure to include your mid-year review. Your Quarterly CEO Day is an entire day spent working ON your business rather than in your business. You back up and look at it from an objective big-picture overview.

One good way to do this is to answer this question:

If you threw out everything you’ve created in your business up to this point and started fresh, what would you change?

Why have you not changed those things already? What is holding you back?

Here are just a few of the tasks I do on my CEO Day:

  • Set new 90 day income goals
  • Setup new quarterly project plans in Trello
  • Update content plan
  • Enter all my business income & expenses (monthly)
  • Prepare content marketing map
  • Set education & business focus goals for the quarter.
  • Update social media scheduler
  • Update my calendar availability


The next step is to DECIDE what the rest of the year will look like in your business.

How much money will you make?

How many new clients will you work with?

What area of growth will you focus on as a business owner?

In the worksheet you can download below, we included a decision exercise. We do this exercise any time we are feeling stuck in our business. It moves us forward, and out of overwhelm, faster than anything else.

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The next step is planning goals for the last half of the year. First, you’ll revisit your one yearly business goal. If you haven’t made as much progress toward it as you’d like, we recommend not changing your goal. Instead, go all in on yourself and figure out how you can still achieve it.

That will include looking at your plans for next quarter.

We teach a very specific business goal setting and planning process in our course, Coach Productivity Lab. Right now, the only way to get this full program is when you sign up for a small coaching group.

Coach & Kim Coach Productivity Lab

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Weekly Planning Dashboard

If you do nothing else but this simple one-page dashboard every week, and follow through on your plan (most of the time, no perfection required) it will change your business.
Even if you haven’t loved planning in the past, give this tool a try.  It’s a powerful way to check in on your business each week, instead of checking out.

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